Certified environments of SpagoBI Server/Studio


  • certified environments are those environments on which SpagoBI suite is tested regularly in order to ensure its correct working, including at each new release;
  • compatible environments are those environments that adopt standards supported by SpagoBI suite and have already been used in one or more projects, although they are not tested regularly.

 Certified environmentsCompatible environments 
Operating systemOperating system
Windows XP
Windows 7
Ubuntu 13
Red Hat EL 4
Suse Enterprise 11
 JDK 1.7 
MySql 5.1
PostgreSQL 8.2
Oracle 9
Oracle 10
Oracle 11
MS Sql Server
Ingres II
MySql 5.5
MariaDB 5.5
PostgreSQL 9.1

SpagoBI compatible environments include but are not limited to the ones included in this table.
Further environments may be used by third parties or are undergoing assessments.

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