SpagoBI Studio

SpagoBI Studio is the development environment based on Eclipse. It allows the developer to design and modify all analytical documents, such as reports, OLAP, dashboards, QbE and data mining. This module supports the developer while designing documents as well as during the installation and testing processes, directly on SpagoBI Server. The interaction between these two components is possible thanks to SpagoBI SDK module. The users can display the list of analytical documents which are available on the server and download them, in order to modify them on their own computer.


It allows to build a SpagoBI project within Eclipse, through which users can create new analytical documents, such as new GEO analysis.


One of the most important functions of SpagoBI Studio is the creation of new composed documents. You can increase or reduce the areas which are going to host the documents. Once the structure is defined, users can easily drag the documents into the single areas and then choose how to define the navigation among the inserted documents.


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