SpagoBI Server Architecture

SpagoBI Server is the main module of the suite. It offers all the core and analytical functionalities. 


The Analytical Model is the core of SpagoBI Server and covers the whole range of analytical needs, providing many solutions for each analytical area:

  • Reporting, to realize structured reports and export them in several formats
  • OLAP, allowing the multidimensional analysis on data through flexible and user-friendly OLAP engines
  • Charts, allowing to develop single ready-to-use graphical and interactive widgets
  • KPI, to create, manage, view and browse KPI hierarchical models
  • Interactive cockpits, to aggregate several documents into a single view, fostering their interactive and intuitive usage
  • Ad-hoc reporting, to freely create multi-sheet reports through the Worksheet engine
  • Location Intelligence, for run-time connections between geographic and business data
  • Free Inquiry (Driven Data Selection), to build queries through entirely graphical tools
  • Data Mining, to find out hidden information patterns among a great amount of data
  • Real-time dashboards and console, allowing to produce real-time monitoring consoles
  • Collaboration, to automatically create organized report dossiers, with comments and notes
  • Office Automation, for the publication of personal documents in BI environments
  • ETL, allowing to load data into the data warehouse and manage it
  • Mobile, based on the common devices interaction touch-screen paradigm, conceived for an efficient off-line workability
  • External processes, to manage customized processes, running in the background and/or starting at a scheduled time
  • Master Data Management, to take advantage of write-back functionalities on the database
  • Network analysis, which allows users to visualize and interpret relations among a set of entities.

Based on Open Standards adoption, SpagoBI allows the end-user to compose the most suitable BI platform, also mixing open source and proprietary products in order to maximize the overall ROI, to save investments already done, providing quickly the first results with a smooth insertion in pre-existing environments.

The Behavioural Model regulates visibility over documents and data according to the end-users' roles. It allows to:

  • reduce the required number of analytical documents
  • code only once the behavioural and visibility rules on data
  • guarantee the uniform growth of the project over time
  • guarantee the respect of the visibility rules over time, with no limit on the number of engines and analytical documents that the user adds.

All the analytical documents are strictly related to the behavioural model. In fact, the behavioural model guides the behaviour of the analytical documents according to the user's role, managing the visibility of documents and data.

The Administration Tools support developers, testers and administrators in their daily work, providing various functionalities, such as:

  • scheduler
  • roles synchronization
  • user profile system
  • import/export
  • menu management
  • maps catalogue
  • management of the documents repository
  • management of the analytical model
  • management of the behavioural model
  • engine configuration
  • data sources configuration
  • configuration of Data Sources and engines
  • audit & monitoring
  • subscription management
  • management of business metadata

The Cross Services include the platform common features that can be used on all analytical areas:

  • SSO
  • alert and notification
  • workflow
  • search engine
  • collaborative tools
  • rules engine
  • sending e-mails
  • ranking
  • multiformat exporter
  • RT events
  • document browser
  • personal files
  • cross navigation
  • subscriptions
  • metadata visualization.

The full list of the analytical engines of SpagoBI suite, according to their Module and Analytical Area, follows.

Area Engine name Download software packages Notes 
The maintenance on the analytical engines included in is applied as detailed below.
Maintenance on SpagoBIBOEngine on demand.
SpagoBIWhatIfEngine contains new SpagoBI OLAP Client
Packages included in
- it.eng.spagobi.engines.chart
- it.eng.spagobi.engines.dashboard
Maintenance on SpagoBIHighCartsEngine on demand
Interactive cockpitSpagoBIComposedDocumentEngine
Package included in
- it.eng.spagobi.engines.documentcomposition
KPISpagoBIKPIEnginePackage included in
- it.eng.spagobi.engines.kpi
Free InquirySpagoBIQbeEngine
Location IntelligenceSpagoBIGeoEngine
Package included in
- it.eng.spagobi.engines.dashboard
SpagoBIMobileKPIEngine * 
OfficeSpagoBIOfficeEnginePackage included in
- it.eng.spagobi.engines.officedocument
CollaborationSpagoBIAnalyticalDossierEnginePackage included in
- it.eng.spagobi.engines.dossier 
Master Data 
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