SpagoBI Cockpit Engine

SpagoBI 5.0 provides a new cockpit engine width tabular and charts widgets.

How to create a Cockpit

  • Login as a SpagoBI User (for a SpagoBI Admin you can create a Cockpit in the Document Browser)
  • Open the My Analysis Page

  • Click on the New Analysis button

  • Click on the Cockpit button

  • Now you can start to add new widgets to compose your cockpit. Click on the "Add Widget" button.

  • When you add a new widget the first step requires to select an existing dataset. This dataset will be used to populate the widget contents.

  • Select the desired widget in the "Visualization" section, then drag&drop the widget to the right under the "Custom Configuration" panel

  • Now you can configure your Widget using the fields from the previsouly selected dataset. Expand the "Selected Fields" section then drag&drop the fields to the right. Make attention that the fields denoted with the "A" are attributes while the others with the "#" are measures. Make sure that you have set the attribute and measures fields during the dataset creation.

  • Just press the Confirm button and your widget is ready for use!

  • When you have finished to compose your cockpit, click the Save button to finalize your document for later use.

Available Widgets

  • Table

  • Bar Chart

  • Pie Chart

  • Line Chart

  • Static Pivot Table
  • Selection

Parameters management

Technical users are able to manage parameters for a cockpit throught the Parameters GUI paramsicon.png

This GUI  shows all parameters of the datasets used into the cockpit. The user could define if the value will be static (constant) or got through the analytical drivers, like all other SpagoBI documents.


Pay attention for the multivalue parameter that the dataset used is correctly configurated (see at for more details)

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