SpagoBI SDK is the specific tool used for the integration of the services provided by the Server. In particular, it is used by SpagoBI Studio in order to allow users to download/upload their analytical documents from/onto the Server. It allows the integration of the documents, thanks to a wide range of services available through web service, and at the publication of SpagoBI documents into an external portal.

The services available through web service are:

Data Set: it allows to receive the data sets, defined in SpagoBI, and their respective metadata.

Data Source: list of connections to the different databases.

Engine: list and details of the engines, defined in SpagoBI Server.

Map catalogue: list and details of the maps, available on the server.

Analytical Documents: this service allows users to recover the document list and the respective details (parametres, functions, execution roles, etc.), to manage templates, to create new documents and execute some types of documents, such as Reports and KPIs, and to obtain a result in a PDF format.

SpagoBI SDK offers two different ways to integrate SpagoBI documents into the already existing portal:

using a TAG Lib, which can be integrated into a simple JSP. SpagoBI analytical documents will then be available within an iFrame.

using a Java Script library, which creates an HTML iFrame that shows SpagoBI documents.

  1. SpagoBI SDK 2.1.0 User Guide
  2. SpagoBI SDK 2.3.0 User Guide
  3. SpagoBI SDK 3.5.1 User Guide
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