SpagoBI RoadMap

SpagoBI Roadmap

The purpose of SpagoBI project team is to govern the evolutionary lines of the solution defined upon the requests coming from the users' community, clients, developers and integrators. We think that in this way the integration is effective, as it comes from "real" needs. SpagoBI team puts all its efforts in inserting these demands in a coherent vision adding equally innovative applications coming from its own experience as well as from the academic and research fields.

The roadmap is updated by the Project Leader at the beginning of every year and it's verified every six months. The team can endure variations, in order to enrich the roadmap with important suggestions or demands coming from the community.

To read SpagoBI detailed roadmap, click here.

Any suggestion is welcome. If you wish to request a new feature, we would be pleased to analyse it. Your contribution is crucial to continue to improve the solution. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open SpagoBI issue traker (JIRA) here
  2. If you don't have an account on JIRA yet, create it here
  3. Insert your ISSUE through the "New Requirements" function
  4. Submit it.
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